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Tokyo Antioch Church uses PayPal for online giving.
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Online donations are made by Aston Corporation on behalf of Tokyo Antioch Church and will be displayed as “Aston Corporation”.
All of your donations will be given to Tokyo Antioch Church.

Yen 500

Yen 1,000

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Donations by direct deposit

Tokyo Antioch Church Account No.

Japan Post Bank
Transfer Account 00150-0-84337 (119 Branch (019), Current Account 0084337)
The Light of Eternal Agape Tokyo Antioch Church

Japan Post Bank

Ordinary 10000-6799 7851 (Account Name 008 Branch No. 008 Account No. 6799785)
The Light of Eternal Agape Tokyo Antioch Church

<The Light of Eternal Agape Tokyo Antioch Church>

The Light of Eternal Agape Tokyo Antioch Church will not use your personal information for any purpose other than handling donations, such as confirming your identity when you make a mistake.
We will not disclose your personal information to any third party without your prior consent, with the following exceptions.
When we are requested to disclose information by a public institution, etc. based on the authority of the law.